Bogus thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head

It certainly has been awhile since I have posted. Career choices, perhaps, or unnecessary thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head have infected my ability to post.Yes, I meant to use the word infected.

There have been a multitude of career choices bouncing around in my head, infecting my thought patterns with bogus ideas of changing my career. I ask myself “What career are you wanting to change? You have no career. You’re retired.”

What my brain has been trying to sort out, probably, I can’t honestly say that I always understand what is on my brains mind, is what I can do with so much time on my hands.

I have tried different things:

Writing short stories

Writing ebooks a little bit longer than the stories. Longer short stories perhaps.

Voice acting, voiceover

Narrating audiobooks through ACX for and Amazon, ten books in all, was fun but not very much money for the work involved. (Projects were done on a split of royalties, no sales)

Back to the point. None of these things have been actual career choices, because I am not looking for a career. I’m looking to offer my services, whatever they may and hopefully useful (above all legal, moral and ethical) on a full time basis.  With me deciding what constitutes full time. Not working for someone else but offering expertise where I can links other helpful resources where I can.

I also have a plethora of questions of my own. Many, at the moment, about the recent election. Not political questions but WTH (what, why, where or who the heck?) questions.

•WTH are these protesters protesting? The election was held, a winner was declared. If your candidate didn’t win it doesn’t mean your world will end or it was a personal attack on you. Look at it this way, if you are only protesting because you have no job, perhaps there will be one when the new guy takes office. Wouldn’t you feel silly then?

Anyway WTH said your candidate was supposed to win there are no hereditary rulers in this country, no matter what the losing party thinks. Besides, she will probably write a book about the experience and make millions while all these college students flunk out because they couldn’t handle the stress of their candidate losing and wound up permanently in a crying room with a coloring books and a box of crayons. How does that particular generation expect to handle the pressures of governing the future world when they can’t even handle the stress of someone they don’t even know meets reality face to face?

Oh my! Do you see what I mean? So many bogus and useless thoughts just bouncing willy-nilly through my head. Perhaps I could use a coloring book, a box of crayons and,just maybe, a hug. Sigh!!

Did I mention that I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog?

Next time. Hopefully.


Let’s Interact For A Moment

This not a poll. It is an attempt to communicate. To start a conversation. The only way a conversation can work is with two or more people exchange words in a civil manner. There are exceptions to all rules, I suppose. For instance, I have had pretty good conversations with myself but I could not get myself to enter into a good debate.

I have also talked to my pets receiving only growls and purrs in return.  Kind of like being a politician addressing an auditorium full of the opposing party only with more of a feeling of being welcome.

So if you would tell me what you like, perhaps I can help you find it or make it myself.

Answer these questions and carry on a conversation with me either through this blog or one of my others. You can also connect with me at social sites mentioned in the sidebar. You can also connect with at

  • What kind of books do you like to read?
  • What kind of audiobooks do you like to listen to?
  • Have you read any books that I have written?
  • Have you listened to any audiobooks I have narrated?
  • Do you like to hear males doing female voices in an audiobook read?
  • Do you like to hear females doing male voices in an audiobook read?

These are only five questions. Answer 0-5. Although 0 is not conducive to meaningful conversation, it is still a choice.

There could be another choice. Ask me a question in the comment section of this blog, but keep it clean. I blush.

You are who people want to hear – One for the voiceover crowd.

I was tweaking my voiceover website, While listening to demos that have been made for me and by me, I noticed they all have my cowboy, hillbilly southern country twang and drawl, of which, I have always been proud to project. You can hear it in everything I say. It’s me. Even in videos I make.I was born in Oklahoma Hills in northeastern Oklahoma, raised in Colorado until my seventh grade of school. I ended my growing years three years following my graduation from Drumright High School in Drumright, Oklahoma I have, now, lived in many places in this world, the Philippines being the most current. The main trait changes people have pointed out to me have always been “Your voice has gotten so deep” “You have never lost that country accent, no matter where you have been.” Until my twentieth year in this world the comment also added was “Are you ever going to stop growing?” I finally did at 6′ 5″.

My point here is when the powers that be choose one of your demos as their next voice, they want you. The natural part of you they heard in the read they just listened to. What you read or said was not important. What was important was the way you sounded when you read it. Ready, relaxed and comfortable in what you read or said.

Can you maintain that sound throughout their project? If it is part of you, not the stressed out “Will I finally land a job with this audition?” part, but the relaxed and comfortable part that says Continue reading