Bogus thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head

It certainly has been awhile since I have posted. Career choices, perhaps, or unnecessary thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head have infected my ability to post.Yes, I meant to use the word infected.

There have been a multitude of career choices bouncing around in my head, infecting my thought patterns with bogus ideas of changing my career. I ask myself “What career are you wanting to change? You have no career. You’re retired.”

What my brain has been trying to sort out, probably, I can’t honestly say that I always understand what is on my brains mind, is what I can do with so much time on my hands.

I have tried different things:

Writing short stories

Writing ebooks a little bit longer than the stories. Longer short stories perhaps.

Voice acting, voiceover

Narrating audiobooks through ACX for and Amazon, ten books in all, was fun but not very much money for the work involved. (Projects were done on a split of royalties, no sales)

Back to the point. None of these things have been actual career choices, because I am not looking for a career. I’m looking to offer my services, whatever they may and hopefully useful (above all legal, moral and ethical) on a full time basis.  With me deciding what constitutes full time. Not working for someone else but offering expertise where I can links other helpful resources where I can.

I also have a plethora of questions of my own. Many, at the moment, about the recent election. Not political questions but WTH (what, why, where or who the heck?) questions.

•WTH are these protesters protesting? The election was held, a winner was declared. If your candidate didn’t win it doesn’t mean your world will end or it was a personal attack on you. Look at it this way, if you are only protesting because you have no job, perhaps there will be one when the new guy takes office. Wouldn’t you feel silly then?

Anyway WTH said your candidate was supposed to win there are no hereditary rulers in this country, no matter what the losing party thinks. Besides, she will probably write a book about the experience and make millions while all these college students flunk out because they couldn’t handle the stress of their candidate losing and wound up permanently in a crying room with a coloring books and a box of crayons. How does that particular generation expect to handle the pressures of governing the future world when they can’t even handle the stress of someone they don’t even know meets reality face to face?

Oh my! Do you see what I mean? So many bogus and useless thoughts just bouncing willy-nilly through my head. Perhaps I could use a coloring book, a box of crayons and,just maybe, a hug. Sigh!!

Did I mention that I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog?

Next time. Hopefully.


Who Will Tell About Your Book Or Audiobook If You Don’t?

I have recently noticed a lot of email in my box telling me, because I am the one reading it, that I shouldn’t push my own products for sale openly. That I should hide the fact that I am selling books that I have written. That I should write about the books of other authors instead, while placing ads on their sites where they talk about their own books. Perhaps many of you are receiving some the same kind of help in your inboxes. Here’s one “Don’t waste your money buying advertising. Buy my half-hour internet course for only $350 on how to sell other peoples books and I’ll give you all five of my books that normally sell for $2.99 absolutely free. Wow!! A fifteen dollar value for only $350, o-o-ohhh-weeeeh. Get some!!!

Perhaps I am silly in the head, but that sounds to me like a lot of horse hooey. How will people know about your book or poetry or stories if you don’t tell them about it first.

I’m not saying that I am the person that has all the answers, but I’m not charging you for what I think on the matter either. I am merely an author who has written a couple of books, short stories actually, that tell good stories for your enjoyment, or at least the enjoyment of those who are interested in the stories I tell and write, and I don’t mind telling people about them and where they can buy a copy.

Allow me to tell you about Castigation, a story about actions that three young men took without thinking of consequences, then their families later in life to pay the price along with them for those actions. Although Castigation is a fictional supernatural story, many people have experienced similar circumstances either in real life, or in the nightmares that awaken them in the night. I think it is safe to say that most people don’t believe that people shape-shifting into dragons or other creatures has a foundation in reality, but while they are trapped in their dreams with these beings, reality has an entirely different meaning.

Dragon shifters, werewolves, vampires, zombies, engkanto, kapre, aswang, a few among many, are all creatures of the the supernatural we are told. We read about them in stories and watch movies about them, believing in our hearts that they don’t exist, yet they all become real when the creatures enter our nightmares night after night.

There, I have promoted my book Castigation and some other stories that I have written or recorded for other authors as audiobooks and I don’t feel a bit bad about blowing my own horn. I’ll even allow you to repost this post at no charge. Ain’t I a sweetheart? You can buy copies of Castigation by clicking the word Castigation or going to my author page at There are other links in this post that will connect you to books that I have narrated as audiobooks.


My new book finally has a name, Castigation.

I wrote the following as a prologue to the story. It seems that while writing fiction, some truth has entered, at least what I believe is true. Perhaps it could help environmentalists to understand that, in the end, much of what they force upon the world is contrary to the ways of nature. Nature knows they mean well, but environmentalists are still humans pushing their points to the world. The ways of the world the ways of humankind. The ways of the world will never survive nature.

Read now the prologue to Castigation by Hubert Williams.


The word society has a great many definitions. Speaking of human societies only at the moment, in each society there are a select group of people who make the rules and decide who should carry them out . These small societies have, let’s call them, for lack of a better word, ‘leaders’, who decide among themselves what is best for everyone in their particular society based upon the ‘leader’s’ beliefs. Most societies apply punishment in varying degrees to those who break their rules.

For centuries and longer, some people have tried to conglomerate these different societies and dominate them as one mass society under their rule. These attempts have had little or no lasting success. The only common link among these attempts is the deaths of soldiers who choose to protect the ‘causes’ of the societies, the lives of countless innocent people lost because they happen to live in the embattled areas. One other common link to these attempts at world domination is the lives spared for the “leaders” who hide in bunkers while their citizens die by the thousands.

There is one society that humankind have had nothing to do with forming, but many insist on destroying it with their own ideas and ideals that have nothing to do with that particular society’s natural progression. I, of course, am speaking of nature and nature’s ways.

The way of the world seems to be destruction of the way of nature. The ‘leaders’ of the world society throughout history have chosen to ignore the fact that nature always wins. It might bear scars, but no matter what damage nature suffers from the ways of the world, nature always swallows up the perpetrators and uses their remains to nurture new life.

Many societies have come and gone over time. The people of these societies have either been swallowed by the ground or their ashes blown through the air to settle where they became part of new growth in other parts of the earth.

Do you see the patterns here? The way of the world is to control and eventually destroy, their castigation being annihilation. The way of nature is to replenish and balance, each element supporting and supplying the other. Nuclear wars can and will destroy the world as we know it. Nature will survive. It has, for millions of years, survived through catastrophes both imaginable and unimaginable, known and unknown by humankind. Only the results of those catastrophes remained for our wonderment and, sometimes, our enjoyment.

So it is with the story in this book. Although it is fictional, the story does happen repeatedly throughout history with different characters. A story being fictional does not mean that it cannot happen.

Some of the characters in this story have done things during war that nature considers is wrong. Nature is again cleaning up the mess of the world.

Nature includes elements of life and death unseen and misunderstood by humankind, nonetheless they exist. Spirits are called by a shaman, witches or sorcerers, clergy, whatever you choose to call them, to aid  in the preservation of this planet’s nature. Being that shamans and other practitioners of magic, transformation and the many natural remedies are human, their existence and interference can also complicate the ways of nature.

In this story, as in life, nature will prevail. You will have to continue to read the story to find out how.

Don’t forget to read Ramorsia: A new Beginning. Another story of nature allowing ‘society’ a second chance…again.

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My First Book Published As Paperback

On Halloween 2014 Ramorsia: A New Beginning by Hubert Williams was released as a paperback by CreateSpace

I have been waiting for a long time to say that. Here is a segment of that book:

While De Valen was watching Brie turn into a young lady his soldiers continued collecting the money and terrorizing Trebala’s clientele under his orders, but without his presence. Since he had been out of the picture so long, Trebala assumed that De Valen had grown soft. He sent his brother Gatalan to collect a tribute from him. Abriel was meeting with De Valen at his castle when Gatalan arrived with five soldiers, but remained out of their sight. Brie was at her mother’s parent’s home with her aunt.

When Trebala’s soldiers arrived at the castle Gatalan was restrained immediately while the five soldiers were taken to the balcony where De Valen, at the behest of Abriel, had one eye and both ears cut from each of the five soldiers, along with the tongues of four. They were then forced to watch the birds eat these parts of their bodies. De Valen told the soldier who still had his tongue, “You tell Trebala that if he wants to collect tribute from me, come and take it from me himself. Don’t send baby brother and his playmates. Next time, I’ll kill ’em all.

Gatalan is waiting for you in the wagon”, one of the guards told the soldier. “I don’t think he’s feeling well.” Another guard said, “Yeah, he threw his guts up in the wagon. It must have been the fear”. The soldiers returned to the wagon to find that Gatalan had been nailed to the bed of the wagon and disemboweled, his innards lying beside him. “He lived long enough to see the birds eating his liver”, chortled one of the guards. As the soldiers left the castle grounds with their slain leader, Abriel came out of the shadows where she had been watching. “This is our final business together”, De Valen told her. “This will begin the unraveling of our very existence”.

Another preview of Ramorsia can be found here. Check this one and rate it at CreateSpace

Death Of A Friend | Update for Life Has A Mind Of It’s Own

 Another update for Life Has A Mind Of It’s Own. The story has me writing everyday, wanting me to add this, clarify that. It is a very demanding story. It has not yet told me it’s real name, but I’m sure it will. In the meantime, here is another snippet.

The discussion with her father would have to wait. George was called to Bataan for the funeral of an old friend from WWII.

Victoro ‘Vic’ Bautista was a Filipino Scout during the war. He and George met in a foxhole after Vic shoved George into it as Japanese soldiers attacked the outpost where they were located at the time. They became lifelong friends. Vic invited George to a family gathering right after the Japanese surrendered to celebrate the event. At the event there was a friend of Vic’s sister. That friend’s name was Nattie. George and Nattie were married a year later. George was released from the army a short time before the wedding and he returned to Australia with his bride, where he reclaimed his pre-war occupation in his father’s shipping business.

Vic was already working in his family’s re-established rice fields, which the Japanese had destroyed during the war. The two friends shared dreams of becoming very successful and rich in their lives using their family businesses. As it turned out, it was the ships in George’s father’s shipping business that allowed them to start their business ventures.

George and Vic started shipping rice from the Bautista rice fields to Australia. Eventually honey, coconuts and coconut products were added to their business. After George’s father died, leaving George in charge of the business, the two went to the U.S to set up deal with another friend from the war years to use George’s ships to transport Bautista products to America and return to Australia and the Philippines with their friend’s products. Agreements were established and the first Walker ship with Bautista rice and coconut products set sail for America. The three friends controlled that business until Buster, the friend in America died. A corporation was formed and George and Vic sold most of their shares back to the corporation for a very healthy sum. They retained enough shares in their individual accounts to provide them each a comfortable retirement income and security for their families. Now, four years after Buster died, death came knocking again.

While George and Nattie were in Bataan they learned that Vic had been having bad dreams and hearing strange noises in his head for some time. The recurring dreams were of headless snakes, snakes with no eyes. Snakes, he had said, that stood straight up and transformed into an old woman. His wife told them that one night Vic was jerked awake, wet with sweat, yelling ”George, Look out”. Vic was not a drinking man, so alcohol was not to blame. George said it might have been a flashback to when Vic had shoved him into the foxhole during the war.

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Supernatural, Paranormal And The Walker Family Have Close Ties

Bearing in mind that this is a fictional story, with perhaps a few entries being only steps away from having actually happened, no real connections to any family names exist. If any do, then that would be a story for those families to tell, if they so desire. This story has nothing to do with them.

I could not let any more time pass without updating the progress of my upcoming book, currently having the working title of Life Has a Mind Of It’s Own. A little long for a working title. I should have called it something shorter to write, like George or Sheila. Oh well, I didn’t.

Here is a bit of the story.

People started returning to the area in the years after the end of the war, despite the stories and haunting visions of bodies hanging in the trees, headless bodies walking among the trees and ghosts of abandoned and mutilated children wandering. We must also add the tortured cries of the many honorable soldiers of all armies who fought and died in this horrible war, giving up everything for what they believed was the right thing to do.

The very real horrors of wars had long ago forced beliefs about forest people and the spirit world into a world of fairy tales, with only older people and spiritual leaders of the villages higher in the mountains and forest still holding to the old ways. The shamans and other spiritual leaders of those villages have remained in tune with the spirit’s and Little People of the forest who have taken the remains of innocent lives lost and used them to nurture new life.

Even those many years of horrible evil and death could not overpower the fact that life goes on, people move on. Nature continues on her way of maintaining balance in the world. In spite of human intervention.

Of the people who began moving into the area, some were soldiers and sailors who had fought there during WWII and brought their families to see the area. After visiting, some decided to stay. A good life was found by many. Only death and suffering was had by those involved in atrocities beyond those found in an honorable war. If war and honor can truly be connected.

Supernatural and paranormal are words not easily avoided in a story such as this. Ghosts and spirits roam daily through homes and yards built on unknown fields of battle, untold and forgotten by the survivors, long dead. However, remembered vividly by nature and her protectors.

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Excitement For Me | Entertainment For You

I love it when I can my excitement and your entertainment are so closely related. I have been working on a rewrite of one of my longer stories. This week I published that rewrite as a short ebook. Approx 45 pages. It was released today on Amazon. Ramorsia: A New Beginning. The setting is circa 12,000 years ago. Given the acts of terror, torture and bombings going on in the world today in the approximate area of the story setting, that being what is known as the Middle East, this could be a fictional tale of our own holocaust and subsequent new beginning. Perhaps Kel-Tahr` will collect more souls in modern times. My story contains some violence, blood and terror. The world news is inundated with violence and terrorism. In comparison my book is a break from our daily dose of barbarism received in our feeds and news stories each day.

Take a break now. The price is more or less that of a newspaper or a cup of coffee. Ramorsia: A New Beginning.

The opportunity is here…Now. Don’t let it get away from you. Get your copy at one of the links in this post. It’s a great read.