A Simpler World

I don’t mean to disparage anybody, because all life is important, contrary to the beliefs of some people. Without variety in views and opinions this world could not face change of any kind.

This is merely an observation.

When I first began to venture the world of employment in order to leave the world of unemployment because the pay in that world sucked, the process was simple,

“Do you need help?”

“Well, yes, I do. Do you need a job?”

“Well, yes, I do.”

“Fill this out and come in tomorrow to start working.” Mission accomplished.


“Do you need help?”

“Go to human resources and ask.”

“Do you need help?”

“Fill out this application and come back tomorrow.”

“But are you hiring?

“Fill out this application and come back tomorrow.”

You fill out the application completely and among the many highlighted questions is Sex M_F

You come back the next day.

“I left an application  yesterday….” “We’re not hiring and won’t be for 6 months. However we keep applications on file for three months.”

Now, my point is not how difficult it has gotten to seek employment from my first venture to my retirement. My point is the added confusion.

I was in the process of updating a few of my profiles on the internet, beginning with Pinterest. One part of the requested info was Gender M_F_Custom_? Are we soon going to see M_F_Custom_AI_?

We aren’t cars to customize or junk. We’re all humans. Even with a sex change there are still only to possible choices M_or F_.

This is not about whether I, or anyone else, understands, accepts or condones the processes that humans subject themselves to.

It is only to say that once a gender change is made a new gender has not been created.

Just sayin’.