Bogus thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head

It certainly has been awhile since I have posted. Career choices, perhaps, or unnecessary thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head have infected my ability to post.Yes, I meant to use the word infected.

There have been a multitude of career choices bouncing around in my head, infecting my thought patterns with bogus ideas of changing my career. I ask myself “What career are you wanting to change? You have no career. You’re retired.”

What my brain has been trying to sort out, probably, I can’t honestly say that I always understand what is on my brains mind, is what I can do with so much time on my hands.

I have tried different things:

Writing short stories

Writing ebooks a little bit longer than the stories. Longer short stories perhaps.

Voice acting, voiceover

Narrating audiobooks through ACX for and Amazon, ten books in all, was fun but not very much money for the work involved. (Projects were done on a split of royalties, no sales)

Back to the point. None of these things have been actual career choices, because I am not looking for a career. I’m looking to offer my services, whatever they may and hopefully useful (above all legal, moral and ethical) on a full time basis.  With me deciding what constitutes full time. Not working for someone else but offering expertise where I can links other helpful resources where I can.

I also have a plethora of questions of my own. Many, at the moment, about the recent election. Not political questions but WTH (what, why, where or who the heck?) questions.

•WTH are these protesters protesting? The election was held, a winner was declared. If your candidate didn’t win it doesn’t mean your world will end or it was a personal attack on you. Look at it this way, if you are only protesting because you have no job, perhaps there will be one when the new guy takes office. Wouldn’t you feel silly then?

Anyway WTH said your candidate was supposed to win there are no hereditary rulers in this country, no matter what the losing party thinks. Besides, she will probably write a book about the experience and make millions while all these college students flunk out because they couldn’t handle the stress of their candidate losing and wound up permanently in a crying room with a coloring books and a box of crayons. How does that particular generation expect to handle the pressures of governing the future world when they can’t even handle the stress of someone they don’t even know meets reality face to face?

Oh my! Do you see what I mean? So many bogus and useless thoughts just bouncing willy-nilly through my head. Perhaps I could use a coloring book, a box of crayons and,just maybe, a hug. Sigh!!

Did I mention that I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog?

Next time. Hopefully.


Who Will Tell About Your Book Or Audiobook If You Don’t?

I have recently noticed a lot of email in my box telling me, because I am the one reading it, that I shouldn’t push my own products for sale openly. That I should hide the fact that I am selling books that I have written. That I should write about the books of other authors instead, while placing ads on their sites where they talk about their own books. Perhaps many of you are receiving some the same kind of help in your inboxes. Here’s one “Don’t waste your money buying advertising. Buy my half-hour internet course for only $350 on how to sell other peoples books and I’ll give you all five of my books that normally sell for $2.99 absolutely free. Wow!! A fifteen dollar value for only $350, o-o-ohhh-weeeeh. Get some!!!

Perhaps I am silly in the head, but that sounds to me like a lot of horse hooey. How will people know about your book or poetry or stories if you don’t tell them about it first.

I’m not saying that I am the person that has all the answers, but I’m not charging you for what I think on the matter either. I am merely an author who has written a couple of books, short stories actually, that tell good stories for your enjoyment, or at least the enjoyment of those who are interested in the stories I tell and write, and I don’t mind telling people about them and where they can buy a copy.

Allow me to tell you about Castigation, a story about actions that three young men took without thinking of consequences, then their families later in life to pay the price along with them for those actions. Although Castigation is a fictional supernatural story, many people have experienced similar circumstances either in real life, or in the nightmares that awaken them in the night. I think it is safe to say that most people don’t believe that people shape-shifting into dragons or other creatures has a foundation in reality, but while they are trapped in their dreams with these beings, reality has an entirely different meaning.

Dragon shifters, werewolves, vampires, zombies, engkanto, kapre, aswang, a few among many, are all creatures of the the supernatural we are told. We read about them in stories and watch movies about them, believing in our hearts that they don’t exist, yet they all become real when the creatures enter our nightmares night after night.

There, I have promoted my book Castigation and some other stories that I have written or recorded for other authors as audiobooks and I don’t feel a bit bad about blowing my own horn. I’ll even allow you to repost this post at no charge. Ain’t I a sweetheart? You can buy copies of Castigation by clicking the word Castigation or going to my author page at There are other links in this post that will connect you to books that I have narrated as audiobooks.

Review of Blood On The Mississippi by Colin Webster

Behold: A fair and honest review.

Reviewed by Susan Voss . Be sure to check out other reviews by Susan  at

The Review of Blood On The Mississippi by Colin Webster

Note: Even though this is Book 2 in the series, it stood well on its own.

Clay and Maria are newlyweds and they are being constantly attacked as they travel up and down the Mississippi. Maria is a newly minted vampire and still getting use to her powers and how to control her thirst for human blood. Clay turned over a new leaf with his marriage, trying to earn an honest living (usually via gambling) instead of robbing trains. They have a pet vampire horse that was a pretty cool addition to the story. The Order hunts them with priests and guns; a stone angel wants Maria destroyed; and Clay has been invited to an exclusive (and shady) riverboat poker game.

This books starts off with action (a hunt through a moonlit graveyard) and only lets up well past the half-way mark when Clay and Maria are tricked into a deadly game of poker. Maria sleeps buried in the earth (snuggling her pet vampire horse) while Clay roams around buying new clothes, drinking whiskey, gambling, and usually trying to get himself killed. A rather spooky young priest leads the charge in hunting them down, flinging insults at them along with deadly knives. Just when it looks like the two newlyweds will get in some quality marital bliss time, the stone angel Michael finds them and attempts to destroy Maria (and Clay along with her since he is deadly earnest in defending her). While each action scene was well written, I found myself in a battle fatigue well before we get to the poker game that takes up the last third of the book. It started to all blur together for me.

The poker game itself had an interesting twist to it that I enjoyed even while the game itself lacked the intensity of the previous obstacle course of gunfights, knife throwing contests, and stone angel evasion. I am not much of a card game player myself, so I think some of the nuances of the poker game were lost on me and that another reader who enjoys poker games would take more enjoyment from these scenes.

The story was full of western clichés and stock idioms. At first, this helped set the scenery and gave me the impression that Clay was not from the Mississippi area (and later we find out that he is from the desert Southwest). But after a while, with repetition of the clichés and idioms, I was a bit dulled by them. Maria herself is from Mexico. She does fight hand to hand several times in the book, but later has to ask what to do with a gun (which might have been in sarcasm but it was unclear), has to be protected and rescued more than once, and doesn’t know how to play poker. I felt that her character was underutilized; she definitely played second fiddle to Clay. In fact, we didn’t have a single other female character until the poker game at the end of the book. So I guess there are no knife-wielding, vampire-arse kicking nuns out there to help out The Order.

The book was mildly entertaining though I can see how the author has left the door open for both character and series growth. There is potential for it to get better as the series continues.

The Narration: Hubert Williams has a deep voice that I enjoyed listening to. However, his accents came and went and were often muddled. Sometimes he seemed to get into a reading rut himself and there was no emotion to the performance. Also, several times throughout the book there was an odd background sound and I think it was the sound of rustling papers as he read.

Clay was not from the Mississippi area (and later we find out that he is from the desert Southwest). But after a while, with repetition of the clichés and idioms, I was a bit dulled by them. Maria herself is from Mexico. She does fight hand to hand several times in the book, but later has to ask what to do with a gun (which might have been in sarcasm but it was unclear), has to be protected and rescued more than once, and doesn’t know how to play poker. I felt that her character was underutilized; she definitely played second fiddle to Clay. In fact, we didn’t have a single other female character until the poker game at the end of the book. So I guess there are no knife-wielding, vampire-arse kicking nuns out there to help out The Order.

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My Mother-In-Laws Bones And Blood Red Letters by Hubert Williams

Hello, Hubert Williams author of Castigation. When I first started writing the supernatural/paranormal book Castigation I designed the book cover. Spooky letters and a dark background of orbs. Okay. Evidently not everyone recognized the orbs, besides, I looked at several times, it started to get boring. I don’t want my cover boring. I decided to start again. I didn’t want to get rid of the dark orb background so I started there.

What pictures could add to the story? Could the title stand out more?

In one part of the story it tells of the compound being built on bones scattered around the dirt on the property from a mass grave. I began looking through our pictures. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for until I remembered that the vault that holds the bones of my mother-in-law had broken, exposing the skeleton. My wife took pictures of the vault. She included the skeleton in the photo session.

Perhaps my brain is a little twisted, but I wondered. What would liven up a dead book cover more than the skull of a dead person and spooky blood red letters on a background of spiritual orbs?

My mother-in-law was a wonderful person who deserved more than she got out of this world. She always wanted to see the world, especially the U.S. Now her spirit can follow her skull to every country and city where Castigation is sold.

Don’t worry if she rides the book into your home, she was a sweet lady, with a sweet soul. You might like her.

See the finished book cover here. Castigation Book Cover

You can pre-order Castigation or wait for the release on New Years Day, January 1, 2015.

The Fall of Wall Street Looms

Review of Paydown by Nick Stephenson

Paydown, a book about Wall Street and what a big investor is willing to do to keep it from crumbling. Criminologist Leopold Blake is that man. Blake teams up with a by the book detective named Mary Jordan to investigate the bigshots who they, Blake, believes is involved. Detective Jordan has a somewhat limited understanding of the financial world and no clue of what Blake intended to do to avoid the disaster that loomed.

Blake had received information that led them to a high-flying Wall Street investment banker. When Bake and Jordan went to see him, they found that he had been brutally murdered.

This story has some twists and turns that you don’t expect. Blake deals with them in a very humorous and edge of the law way. By the book Detective Mary Jordan is very uncomfortable with Blake’s way of doing things.

I highly recommend this book as a quick, humorous read. I will be looking for more Leopold Blake stories.

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New Years Day

Before I get into the new year I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone who bought an ebook, print book or audiobook by Hubert Williams in 2014. I appreciate you all.

2015 is double barreled for me. It marks the release of my last audiobook of 2014, Thunder Basin Range War, by Norm Bass, a western genre story of a group of cowboys seeking justice for the death of their friend in an intentional stampede of the cattle they were driving. It will be available here, and the New Years Day release of my first book of 2015  Castigation, by Hubert Williams, a paranormal/supernatural story of revenge sought by a shaman in the Philippines against three former military men for the murder of a starving young girl who had approached them for food during World War II. You can pre-order Castigation here.

There will be three more excerpts from Castigation, one each Sunday, prior to it’s release. View the excerpts here. one is there waiting for you.

There are still a limited number of promo codes left for audiobooks I recorded in 2014. Go to and see which audiobook you would like to hear and send an email to with your email and your choice and I’ll send you the code. I will only use your email address to send the code then I will delete it. If you wish to receive updates from me you’ll have to add your email to my mailing list (form located at

Once again, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and a very happy and prosperous 2015. May you reach all your goals of the year.

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An excerpt from the upcoming paranormal/supernatural thriller Castigation by Hubert Williams

The Present Affects Your Future. Remember That In The Morning. I would like to refer you to one of my other blogs for this post. This blog is associated with my Web of Poetry Art and Stories. Since Castigation is a story written by Hubert Williams, me, I thought that it might be appropriate to post this excerpt there this time. Click on Castigation to read the excerpt or you can click on the image.