A New Year, A New Day, A New Me

The first two are true. The last thing up there…maybe a renewed version of the old me.

I woke up, my body hurt, my head hurt and among other things in a totally different realm, my throat was dry.

Imagine if I had been drinking.

The great part, the part that did the renewing,  was waking up on this first day of 2016 and being greeted by my lovely wife with “Happy New Year Baby, I love you” and “Happy New Year, Dad. Did you sleep well?”

That pain left quicker’n a cat can lick his…AHEM!…food dish.

I can’t think of a better way to start a day, especially the first day of a new year. Something like that can scrape the barnacles off and refurbish an old carcass right quick. (Yes, I know barnacles are on ships, not old carcasses.) It still makes a feller feel good.

I believe I can get through another day now. We’ll work on making it another year one day a a time.

Have a Happy New Year everyone. I’m gonna go jump into some family time now.


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