A Little More ME As Requested

Today, after being advised, for the umpteenth time, that I don’t tell anything of myself on my profile pages, I would like to redirect you to the About me page on my voiceover site The Voice of Hubert Williams. Wouldn’t want to plagiarize myself, would I.

Now, without further explanation and falderal, please join me for Who Is Hubert Williams (and does he have the chops)


Bogus thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head

It certainly has been awhile since I have posted. Career choices, perhaps, or unnecessary thoughts bouncing willy-nilly through my head have infected my ability to post.Yes, I meant to use the word infected.

There have been a multitude of career choices bouncing around in my head, infecting my thought patterns with bogus ideas of changing my career. I ask myself “What career are you wanting to change? You have no career. You’re retired.”

What my brain has been trying to sort out, probably, I can’t honestly say that I always understand what is on my brains mind, is what I can do with so much time on my hands.

I have tried different things:

Writing short stories

Writing ebooks a little bit longer than the stories. Longer short stories perhaps.

Voice acting, voiceover

Narrating audiobooks through ACX for Audible.com and Amazon, ten books in all, was fun but not very much money for the work involved. (Projects were done on a split of royalties, no sales)

Back to the point. None of these things have been actual career choices, because I am not looking for a career. I’m looking to offer my services, whatever they may and hopefully useful (above all legal, moral and ethical) on a full time basis.  With me deciding what constitutes full time. Not working for someone else but offering expertise where I can links other helpful resources where I can.

I also have a plethora of questions of my own. Many, at the moment, about the recent election. Not political questions but WTH (what, why, where or who the heck?) questions.

•WTH are these protesters protesting? The election was held, a winner was declared. If your candidate didn’t win it doesn’t mean your world will end or it was a personal attack on you. Look at it this way, if you are only protesting because you have no job, perhaps there will be one when the new guy takes office. Wouldn’t you feel silly then?

Anyway WTH said your candidate was supposed to win there are no hereditary rulers in this country, no matter what the losing party thinks. Besides, she will probably write a book about the experience and make millions while all these college students flunk out because they couldn’t handle the stress of their candidate losing and wound up permanently in a crying room with a coloring books and a box of crayons. How does that particular generation expect to handle the pressures of governing the future world when they can’t even handle the stress of someone they don’t even know meets reality face to face?

Oh my! Do you see what I mean? So many bogus and useless thoughts just bouncing willy-nilly through my head. Perhaps I could use a coloring book, a box of crayons and,just maybe, a hug. Sigh!!

Did I mention that I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog?

Next time. Hopefully.


A Simpler World

I don’t mean to disparage anybody, because all life is important, contrary to the beliefs of some people. Without variety in views and opinions this world could not face change of any kind.

This is merely an observation.

When I first began to venture the world of employment in order to leave the world of unemployment because the pay in that world sucked, the process was simple,

“Do you need help?”

“Well, yes, I do. Do you need a job?”

“Well, yes, I do.”

“Fill this out and come in tomorrow to start working.” Mission accomplished.


“Do you need help?”

“Go to human resources and ask.”

“Do you need help?”

“Fill out this application and come back tomorrow.”

“But are you hiring?

“Fill out this application and come back tomorrow.”

You fill out the application completely and among the many highlighted questions is Sex M_F

You come back the next day.

“I left an application  yesterday….” “We’re not hiring and won’t be for 6 months. However we keep applications on file for three months.”

Now, my point is not how difficult it has gotten to seek employment from my first venture to my retirement. My point is the added confusion.

I was in the process of updating a few of my profiles on the internet, beginning with Pinterest. One part of the requested info was Gender M_F_Custom_? Are we soon going to see M_F_Custom_AI_?

We aren’t cars to customize or junk. We’re all humans. Even with a sex change there are still only to possible choices M_or F_.

This is not about whether I, or anyone else, understands, accepts or condones the processes that humans subject themselves to.

It is only to say that once a gender change is made a new gender has not been created.

Just sayin’.


A New Year, A New Day, A New Me

The first two are true. The last thing up there…maybe a renewed version of the old me.

I woke up, my body hurt, my head hurt and among other things in a totally different realm, my throat was dry.

Imagine if I had been drinking.

The great part, the part that did the renewing,  was waking up on this first day of 2016 and being greeted by my lovely wife with “Happy New Year Baby, I love you” and “Happy New Year, Dad. Did you sleep well?”

That pain left quicker’n a cat can lick his…AHEM!…food dish.

I can’t think of a better way to start a day, especially the first day of a new year. Something like that can scrape the barnacles off and refurbish an old carcass right quick. (Yes, I know barnacles are on ships, not old carcasses.) It still makes a feller feel good.

I believe I can get through another day now. We’ll work on making it another year one day a a time.

Have a Happy New Year everyone. I’m gonna go jump into some family time now.

Perhaps A Twinge Of Feeling

In a past post (9 months ago) I stated that I write what I feel. I feel nothing.   Tokoni O. Uti  advised me “Everyone goes there at times. It shall pass:)”. At this date, I am still waiting for it to pass, but I believe that Tokoni told me the truth of the matter, that it will pass.

Perhaps it has passed, or I would not be writing this post.

Perhaps a twinge of feeling is returning. Perhaps it never left at all. Could it be possible that the feelings were just sleeping because I failed to share them?

Looking back over my 2015 blog entries, I realize that there are few. Very few. New followers were appearing but i failed to share with them.

Perhaps all feelings, when not shared just wither away.

I will endeavor in 2016 to share more so that I can feel more and learn of and care more for what other people feel.

In that spirit, I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Especially Tokoni O. Uti for the encouragement given to me when I needed it nine months ago, and will never forget.